You & Your Home


Private Clients and Properties

We offer our private clients a variety of personal policies covering their home and valued possessions using the most respected and well known insurers. Our staff will be very happy to run through your requirements and advise you on your best options and likely premiums.

Property and Valued Possessions

At a time when house prices continue to rise, protecting your home and possessions against damage, theft or loss is a serious business that warrants care and attention. There are now many types of insurance policy so it is very important to take a little time to understand your options so that you select the most suitable and competitive policy.

Our staff are dealing in these personal insurance policies everyday and will be able to quickly identify the ones most suitable for you. This is especially important if your property and possessions are considered valuable or of high net worth for which you will require a more specialised policy to ensure proper protection for yourself.

We can offer you a wide choice of personal or private insurance arranged through many insurers to give you the right level of cover, high quality claims services and competitive premiums.

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